Cake Mania

Cake Mania

Cake Mania makes players become crazy baking cakes
3.7  (131 votes)

You work in a bakery and your job is to take customers' orders, bake cakes, decorate them, and then serve the customers, the thing is that you should do it very quickly. Each new level means attending more clients and thus more complicated but the more challenging the game becomes. Along the way you'll make upgrades to your equipment and encounter new characters that present new challenges. For example, Cupid shows up in February and is not a very patient client.

The real difficulty of the game comes when you have more customers ordering cakes. You must be as quick as a flash to make all your orders in time otherwise clients can get angry and leave. It's easy to click on the wrong icing or decoration, or forget which cake goes with which. As you complete levels you gain money and thus you will have the possibility of buying the right equipment like microwaves, more ovens etc, which can make your baking process easier and increase the amount of money you make.

Rather a simple game, the players can become bored soon.

Review summary


  • You can try the online version to test it


  • The gameplay is so repetitive that you're not likely to play long enough to enjoy it
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